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Sunflower Camp is about to open it's fourth year! This year we prepared rich, innovative activities for children; new courses for old and new friends to come over!


Chinese Culture Appreciation: This year we will take a new variety of interesting ways to introduce Chinese appreciation thru cuisine, Chinese stories, music, riddles, Chinese tongue twisters etc. to bring a different Chinese learning experience for your child. Chinese Debate: This is a new project this year, we will introduce "Chinese Debate" using a set of rules to teach children how to use what they've learned and debate as a game, which will be a very exciting experience! We will also take this opportunity to encourage children to "think in Chinese", to solve different problems.

Lego/Robotic Program

Are you a Lego fan? Do you want to learn about the mysteries of Lego robotics? Then we want to welcome you to our Sunflower summer camp to explore the wonderful world of robotics together! The senior group (fourth grade and above) students will use LEGO Mindstorms robot design Dazao, EV3 and will also learn in computer programming software environments to control their robots. Lower grades group (first grade to third grade) kids will use Dazao by LEGO WeDO software and LEGO Bricks models to learn simple mechanical principles and programming. Our summer school students will also have the opportunity to participate in the organization of Sunflower FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) and JR. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE competition teams! Our Sunflower FLL team last year won first place in the distrcit qualiing rounds and eighth place in the satet finals! Our JR. FLL team kids also participated in various competitions, being praised by parents and spectators.

STEM Program

Sunflower features STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We prepared a lot of science kits and projects, they will challenge your child's capabilities, experience it together!

Soccer Class

Sunflower this year will continue to cooperate with the professional football school ATSC to offer football courses. Twice a week, the activities provided by ATSC are once again interesting, varied, and quite skillful. Last year's Soccer Program received everyone's praise!

Art & Crafts Program

This year we'll bring new and interesting creative art & crafts classes. For example your child will individually create a porcelain dish; do a cardboard production of "Sea World"; use rice-flour clay to build figurines and the like. We believe children will be able to find a lot of joy in creating their own projects.

Water Fun/Game Time/Field Trips

A happy summer vacation can not do without the most favorite children games; water fun and field trips This year we prepared a variety of educational and fun games for children, such as all kinds of board games, like chess, air hockey, X-Box, movies, beading and so on. Our kids do a short field trip every friday, to local places like Six Flags amusement park, laser tag, roller skating and so on!



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